19th Century Lebetkin Heritage

It was in the 19th Century that the name Lebetkin was first associated with the amazing jewels of Carl Faberge, the famous Russian jeweller to the Tsars. Ivan Lebetkin, Adrian Lebetkins great grandfather was the Assay Master whose mark would appear inside many beautiful Faberge objects, crafted to perfection.

Fabergé image courtesy of Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens, Bell Push, attributed to Fabergé, made by Mikhail Perkhin, 1899-1903, Assay Master Ivan Lebetkin. Photo by Ed Owen.

20th Century Lebetkin Heritage

During the 20th Century, Lebetkin was know for stunning pieces, individuality, quality and elegance in design. Lebetkin’s rewards for these qualities were commissions from royalty, dignitaries, industrialists, celebrities and discerning clients worldwide.

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